This is an overlooked area. Its important to keep all the material dry during constuction. To prevent mold growth, all of the material in the home should be maintained below 60% RH as much as possible. During hot dry weather, its not a problem. After the home has the doors and windows in, monitor the inside %RH. If its +70% RH for 48 hours, mold starts growing. A little is not a big problem, but a week or two of high humidity should be avoided. To prevent it, rent or buy a large dehumidifier, running whenever the home is closed. The home and wood should be 50%RH for a week before the wood trim and floors are installed to get a good fit. Of course, all homes should be kept dry, <50%RH, after construction. This gets you a home that is relatively mold free compared to a home that is built during a wet month with mold growth throughout.