i cant answer direct to your exact leak and say, oh your flashing around your sheetmetal triangle is leaking

i can quiclky tel you that you have to find the leak and then the repair is probaly a matter of smearing a tablespoon sized gloop of flashing cement on the offending spot

you have the eyes, you have to look, weather its getting on the ladder and looking at your sheetmetal thing, or arounf the window frame or whatever

you have to do that, you would be looking for a crack, spilt, missing thing. anywhere that weter would get in

when looking for a leak you must think in your mind that your water, and after getting your mind into the water mode, start searching

remember when thinking like water, water travels down, will not go up, will go across-down. never across up

dont be afraid or feel stupid to think out of the box, in other words dont rule anything above the leak out as a source of leak

for instance, your house roof could indeed be the source of the leak, running down thru attic, into wall above your bay window, running down that wall and comes out the first thing it hits, this happens to be your window….the window aint leaking, the tin roof on window aint leaking, it just happens to be in the way of the roof leak so its showing at that point

the leak will be anywhere up from where your seeing it

you may have to get into the attic with a flash light, looking for moisture or water staining on the rafters

indeed it may be your bay window and the leak will be anywhere above where you see it

peeling paint like you got is a sure sign of moistture, the cracking may not be but brown stains on the drywall is

the two windows may have two different problems, one may be the wondow, one may be the roof]

hell, your gutters may be clogged, roof runoff is running over the back edge of gutters, leaking into house…all you have to do is clean gutters…it may be more complicated….your the eyes, think like water and find that dam leak

post back when you got it and we will surely help you to seal

thats the best i can do jill, i hope it helps

90% of this is going to be traceing the leak, 10% of the work will be effectivaly sealing and repairing the damage