I thought I’d take a look at the same thing my self. Having seen your post on *** ****’s Forum is a week old, I’m assuming you’re still following it. Hence, you’re getting this direct d-mail from me.

I don’t know about you, but I had a HECK of a time working with RUBBERMAID’s web page. In fact, I sent them an e-mail about it. I was hoping for a Search option but I didn’t see one. Then I started poking around. No luck there either until I decided to look at their Cataloge. Thinking that this page was where you go to ‘order’ a cataloge in the mail, low-and-behold, it was an on-line cataloge! THEN, once I went to this web page, http://www.rubbermaid.com/shop/catpage.htm (Page ‘A’) I see a ‘category’ for Sheds. It links you to http://www.rubbermaid.com/hware/feature/hw2shfea.htm (Page ‘B’) ALSO on page ‘A’, just below the link for Sheds, is a link for Special Solutions which ALSO has a link for Sheds! (I didn’t note the link but you’ll see it …) I see at the bottom of page ‘B’ ANOTHER link to ANOTHER web page for Sheds! http://www.rubbermaid.com/hware/hw1shed.htm (Page ‘C’) I’m not going to try to explain all this but it’s not fun trying to navigate around a site so dis-jointed! By this time I was totally frustrated and am scrapping buying a vinyl shed from them at least! (Well, I’m frustrated to say the least.) I thought I’d pass on the web pages to you in case you didn’t get to them yourself. Happy trails. See ya on the Forum.