real estate in my area now almost always a booming market, we are in a college town and in the past few years (2 or so) our neighborhood has been heavily sold and then rented out to college students. At this time, we could probably sell for quite a bit more than we purchased the home for 7 years ago. The issue is not getting much in the sqft for what you are paying now vs. a new home. Our house is 1296sqft now and a newer home will be almost double what we financed 7 years ago, but we will only be yeilding about 400 more sqft if that. You have a very good point about over building for our area. I was just wondering if it would be more economical for us to stay in that home and spend x amount on making our existing home bigger or should we bite the bullet pay more on our mortgage and not yeild as much sqft wise.

any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I just might line up an appointment with a contractor to see what my options might be.