Norm Ion

I purchased a Titan model 440i, it was about $950.00. It was the best investment I have made to date for painting supplies. CAUTION: When using a professional sprayer such as a Titan, high pressures are used and all safety items must be followed. I just painted a 2 story all cedar sided house in just one day, actually it took about 6 hours and 20 gallons of paint. Another example is when I painted two bedrooms including one closet it took just 1 hour including setup and cleanup, actual painting took just 15 minutes.

I would highly recommend the Titan model over the home remodeling store models. Also invest in a 3 foot painting wand so you can paint everything from the floor/ground and not use ladders, it was an additional $187.00. Heck when your done just sell it on e-bay and recoup your investment. That was my plan but I love it to much to give it up now. Good luck!