Hi Machiavelli1079 ,
I had a look at your picture and I can see you have done a great job building your entertainment centre. Please don’t let the colour stress you out and dont give up on it. Remember the old saying. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” With some more reseach you will find the answer somewhere out there.

I did a search on the net using words like remove redwood stain or lighten redwood stain then replaced redwood word for mahoganey wood and this is some of the sites I found.


This site sounds a bit like what us girls do to remove the brass tones from blond hair. Except we use the colour purple not green.


Also do a search on oxalic acid to lighten your timber then you can re-stain it with a better matching stain. Don’t forget to first pratice staining on some off cuts of timber to get a good match.

Please keep us posted on how your entertainment centre turns out. “Keep your chin up”

Kind regards Noelene
from Sydney Downunder