Jay J


I’m no expert on this subject but one thing DOES come to mind.

If you’re anywhere near Tornado Alley or the 10 year Hurricane Belt, I’d consider a block house, at least in some parts so 1) you can be safe, and 2) you can preserve most of the structure of the home, in either of these 2 areas. If you check with your insurance company (or one that does some insuring on the lake), check w/them on this. Maybe they can give you an idea of what $$$ it will cost/save you, one way or the other.

Since you’re on the lake, I’m gonna bet that you’re not allowed to have a basement. If you are, consider a poured foundation, and make sure it has sump-pump capability built into it. If at most you can have a crawlspace, do find out how high off the landscape you need to be for the 100 year flood. (Your insurance agent should be able to provide the info or point you to someone who knows.) I wouldn’t recommend block for this.

I’m sure others will post up (I hope). My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J