Ben Schliesman


We live in a ranch house built around 1960. Recently over the past month or so, the water pressure to our kitchen sink has been going down. In the past a friend replaced some of our other pipes when we added in a bathroom downstairs in our basement. The pipes that he cut and sections of pipe that he removed were clogged really good. In lieu of having to hire a plumber to replace the long run of pipe that leads to our kitchen, someone was once told me about something that you hook up to/attach to your water pipes (reverse osmosis maybe?) to somehow reverse the calcium buildup (if that is indeed what it is). Question: What were they referring to and does it work? Do I have any other options other than replacing the long run of pipe? FYI, all our other faucets seem to work well. The kitchen faucet is on a long pipe run all by itself.

Thank you very much!

Ben Schliesman