Home Depot carries sheets of “paneling” with groves in it to imitate beaded board panelling, if this is what you are thinking of.

However, I am currently installing beaded board wainscotting in my kitchen. I looked at the panel board at several places where is has been used (including Wendy’s!) and didn’t think it really looked as nice as the real thing, so I am using the tongue and groove beaded board which isn’t really so much work. Home Depot also sells this so you can look at the two and compare. Since I am also painting it, I am using the cheapest pine, rather than the expensive oak. I am using panelling adhesive to make the job go faster.

There is also out now really nice raised Victorian wallpaper which makes a lovely wainscotting. I plan to try it in my upstairs hall. It’s paintable also. Another choice to consider!

Good luck with your project!