Karen DiMartino

Good Morning.

I have such an enormous problem. My house is 20 year sold, on a septic tank system. The house is two stories. There is raw sewage that comes up in the downstairs shower. I have had three plumbers over a eight month period. They have all snaked out the sewer line from the exposed, in ground cap next to the house, to the septic tank, they have sworn there is no back-up in house that water is flowing through, and that if there was a blockage in house the water would not be in septic drain cap. It would be totally dry.

I had the honey wagon come and pump out septic tank about eight months ago, and it helped but all too soon the same raw septic backed up in the downstairs shower again. I was then advised that I needed a new drainfield, which I had installed

to the tune of $4,400.00 six months ago. Now the same thing is happening again, so I was advised by the last plumber that it definitely wasn’t a blockage in the house. So I had the honey wagoon come again yesterday, and again tank was pumped out. I thought all my problems were over.

( I forgot to mention that if the septic cap which is right next to the house was left off, it seemed to alleviate some of the problem). So I joyously put the cap back on, and today the backup of lots of water and the most raw sewage we ever experienced was back in the downstairs shower again.

What is happening? I have spent almost $5,500.00 in plumber fees, tank pump out fees, and a new drainfield. I am at my wits end. What should I do next? Please tell me you can figure this out and I can put an end to this horrible situation.

Thanks, Karen