wiring two light fixtures in series (a.k.a. daisy chaining, i.e. as in xmas tree lights) even if a single-throw switch is between the two light fixtures, would not be legal.

The light fixtures would need to be wired in series-parallel.

Regarding dimming only the one light which in your design would be only controlled by your master or all off switch first switch, for the master switch loop, then series parallel to two switch loops, one off of dimmer, the other off of a single pole, single throw switch. In order to accomplish this I think you would actually need two regular “one way” switches and one dimmer control. Either way you can’t wire the two light fixtures in series interupeted by a simple switch. You don’t need a four-way switch or a three-way switch at all.

You could wire this by having a regular single throw single pole switch as your master on-off control, then two series parallel branch switch loops, each one to a single switch loop to single light fixture, one via a dimmer, the second via a simple single throw single pole switch. You can accomplish this so both your “master off” stiwch and your dimmer switch are at location A and your sometimes on, sometimes off, but always off if the “master” is off switch is at location B, or at location A.