i seen it on one of them home reality shows with the chick that hangs loose in the shirt

looked like crap when they were finished and the homeowner wretched when it was viewed

also i thinks they gonna crack after some extnded foot trafic of a few months. its a very rigid material, where houses, floors & walls are always moving, flexing under foot

and seasonal changes will open the seams

go ahead and try if you want, but when it comes time to replace because the bad idea has crumbled and seams have split, they mastic is going to make it a nightmare to remove

perhaps a underlament of 1/4″ AC ply, nailed to existing subfloor with 1 1/4 ringed shank flooring nails(30 per sheet) would make removal a little neater , as you just pull the 1/4 ply up and your original subfloor is nice and clean