Iris Kellum

We are buying a house that was built in the mid 60’s that has mapel paneling 100% thourgh the entire house including the bathrooms, with white tile on half the wall from the bottom up half the wall and paneling on the top.

We are putting down 18 x 18 cermaic tile that looks lie off white marbel and beighe veins running througt it. Plan on using area rugs in all rooms.

Hope you have a mental picture now, of all this mapel paneling in this ranch house of about 2000 square feet.

We don’t want to have to remove all the walls, but have notice that on all the do it yourself shows, painting seems to be the only thing they do on paneling.

What options can you suggest other than painting?

Can we clean and spray with the texture that is used on drywall?

Also what can we do with cellotex ceilings. Can we seal the water stains and spray them with texture?


Iris Kellum