Gordon Bennett

In the event you are still interested in gutter information, look at http://www.wolverinewlastics.com for gutter hanger info on our Skyhook hangers.
You can search for rain gutters with your browser and get a list of over 4,000 sites. As with most things, self proclaimed experts in rain gutters state spike & ferrule hangers are best, others will state that hidden hangers are best. Than there are metal hangers and polycarbonate hangers of various dimensions and strengths, using either or both spikes and screws.
Good installations are with the nails or screws fasteners driven into the rafter end rather than into the facia alone.
Hidden hangers do not show nail or screw heads and do not require painting to match the gutter color. Some installers use nails with colored nail / screw heads, which increases the job cost.
I trust your search was successful.

Gordon Bennett
Wolverine Plastics, Mfr. of Skykook hangers