I have a family friend who has a crew of guys that travel around Illinois and the US looking for and dismantling old barns, churches, houses, etc. for old wood. They frequently travel to deliver items as well. They range from flooring to large barn beams to detail work and book shelves, etc. He has a lot of contacts and does a lot of work in Colorado, so would not be surprised if this amount of pine flooring would not be tough for him to get.

I don’t know where you are located or if he’d be able to meet your needs, but he’s been doing it for awhile.

His name is Terry Lowder and he operates out of Waverly, Illinois. Based on what I can find online I think his number is 217-899-9618, but Waverly is a small town and you should be able to find him easily using information if you’re indeed interested. Also, there is an email contact for him here:


If you do work with him, let him know Jason sent you. I worked with him for a few years back in the day.