perhaps a ridge vent is in order

i would not shove anything up the space as you surely disturb the insulation, even the smallest gap in insulation renders the whole run inneffective

there are styrofoam things that get staples agnist sheathing before insulation goes in to provide insulation, but you would have to rop out all the drywall and start over, perhaps if your careful could reuse insulation, but drywall would have to be replaced

perhaps a ridge vent, pretty simple to install would help

other than that if you can pull the soffit vent covers and clear the blockage and reinstall, and the ridge vent would help

and or get an attic fan with thermo control to suck the hot air out the house in summer daytime?

remember hot air rises, so unless the attic is airconditioned it probally dont effect the rest of your house or a/c bills

oh, now i see you gor a ridge vent..anyway the rest of my suggestions are relevent

BTW any bill is horrible