Henry in MI

Hi, Norma. I hope that your cabinets are wood, including the door and drawer fronts. Sometimes these are made of laminate and paint will not stick as well to laminate as it will to wood. The best cleaning product is Tri-Sodium Phosphate, available at home centers and paint stores. Be sure to rinse well before you sand, prime and paint. Be sure to remove the doors, drawers and hardware for the best job.

As far as the best paint, your best source of info on that is your local paint store. A small independent retailer has to be pretty sharp on what his paint will do. Plan to buy the very best paint available and at top dollar. A few bucks saved on a gallon or 2 of paint can come back to haunt you with problems a few years down the road. Is it worth having to repaint several years sooner for the few bucks you save?

Good luck
Henry in MI