so i tell this guy how to fix his attic stairs, no one else did, wrote 50 sentenaces and carl takes 2 sentenaces and wants to pillary me in some little hissy fit!

i forgot the lol after the girl comments but S. says his daughter advice almost took his head off. so no one has a sense of humor anymore?

remember, i told S. how to fix his attic stairs, has anyone else here dont that? NO

just go after me because i own more tolls and spit sawdust in the sink first thing in the morning

BTW, i spend my sunday repalceing the fuel pump in my 97′ GMC work truck. this involved removeing the fuel tank, repalceing hi-pressure electric fuel pump, button everything back up and started first try. not only am i a licensed contractor but a compentant mechanic

then i went out for 4 hours plowing snow for my customers, makeing $480, add that to the 5 hours on snow i did last nite from 11pm till 4am this morning, makeing this noreaster a thousand dollar storm for dp