Moderator, Steve

If you have previouly hung a door frame kit into a rough opening and dealt with the squaring and shimming process.

Carefully remove all the face trim on both sides, lift out the one sliding door and then carefully unscrew the frame from the sides and top and bottom. Take out the entire frame and door kit. This will now expose the rough opening. Measure this opening both sideways and top to bottom. This is the measurement you will need to buy a new set of swinging doors, like french patio swinging doors, with one stationary and one swinging or both swing.

Make sure you emphasize that this measurement is the rough opening measurement not the actual door size. The new frame will not be exactly the same size as the rough and you want it to be about one inch or more smaller than the actual rough opeining. This will be filled in with shims in the squaring process.

This will get you started, when the door is in the home and ready for install, come back to us.