Jay J -Moderator

Hi Billy,

You spent $700K for a house, and did you have it Inspected??? Assuming you did, then your Inspector should have informed you of all these problems. To a seasoned Home Inspector, these problems are obvious. (But, as far as the HVAC goes, he’d probably qualify his opinion on the fact that the unit wasn’t tested in his presence. That would be normal …)

Unless you have a Disclosure Agreement w/the previous homeowners, and if you didn’t have a HI, I would agree – You’re in deep trouble. Now, you’ll have to hire a Structural Pro, an HVAC Pro, and a General Carpenter, to fix your problems. Unless this house could have been sold for a bunch more $$$ (assuming it was ‘fixed’), then you bought it as is, I guess.

If these are the problems you can ‘see’, I can only imagine the problems you CAN’T see! Consider hiring an ASHI-approved Home Inspector ASHI Home Inspector. They have to meet certain criteria. Additionally, never take a HI reference from the Seller’s Realtor. You want an inspector that DOESN’T have a (possible) interest in the outcome of the inspection. For example, if the inspector found these problems AND they were used regularly by the Realtor, the Realtor may never use the HI again and the HI would have less work (and maybe a ‘bad name’ amongst Realtors). See what I mean???

Let me/us know if there’s more to know. Otherwise, get a HI, look for the Disclosure Agreement, and consider hiring a lawyer. (Assuming you didn’t hire a HI before you bought the house, you would be learning that spending a few 100 $s would have saved you 1000’s and 1000’s of $$$s …) My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!