1. Favorite host, *** ****. He doesn’t have to do any of the labor!

2. Favorite co-host. Robin Hartyl, she’s a BABE and Bob
needs to steal her away from Dean, plus she’s better looking than Martha!

3. Favorite poster. Dr. Home, sorry to say though he hasn’t been around for a couple of years.
Second favorite poster, hmmmmmmmmmmm, all the regulars.

4. Least favorite poster. Mister “I’ll spam you guys EVERYDAY you cry babies”

5. Most humorous poster. Jay J (you old dog).

6. Strain on relationship. 7, unlike Jim-ATS my computer is in a second bedroom.

7. Learned anything here. Yup, learned that it’s a weird cyber-world out there.

8. Why Bob isn’t here. He’s still helping me remodel a birdhouse out back, and
then he’s going to help me build my very own doghouse.

9. Getting paid for this. Maybe if we threw a picket line up in front of Bob’s home
we might be able to negotiate some settlement.

10. Wasting my time. Just wanted to add my 2¢ worth.