Unregistered-Henry in MI

is that I would buy an armoire and a matching dresser from one of the ready-to-assemble furniture people. Try this for a while as it will be a lot less than building or buying real solid wood furniture. If you still like the concept, you can make pieces exactly to your requirements. With a bit of experience with the commercial units, you can plan around what you really like and what of their features are not acceptable.

Depending on design, you can’t go too far wrong with hardwood faced plywood for case work. You can add a face frame and doors and drawers from there. MDF is OK for painted applications but it sounds like you want a more “furniture-like” look. I would definately consider only individual pieces for this. Your built-in concept may be great for you now and with your current criteria. Other people–potential buyers–may have totally different ideas for the use of the space down the road. And on the same note, you might change jobs and situations before you move also and have a large rebuilding job on the room to remove the features you are considering today.

Henry in MI