Jay J


First and foremost (as you probably already know), you need to dry out the basement first. Take up the carpeting and either clean it or throw it out. If there’s ANYTHING else that’s absorbed water, either throw it out, clean it, or get it outside to dry. Then, open as many basement windows as you can and set your fan to PUSH your basement air to the outside. DON’T draw in outside air because you’ll only encourage the odors to travel through the home. If necessary, open a window upstairs that’s closest to the basement door.

Since the past storm is a 100 year storm, well, maybe you don’t need to do anything to prevent this from happening. BUT, on the other hand, like you, if it were me, I’d at least look into it. W/O seeing what you have for a set-up, go ahead and call in a contractor or 3 to do an estimate. It doesnt’ mean you have to have the work done. When you compare them to each other, you’ll learn what’s involved from all of them. I suggest you wait a few weeks because right now, the contractors are SWAMPED with calls. Unless you’re DEFINITELY getting the work done, you won’t see them for an estimate. They’re gonna do the jobs that are paying! In the meantime, make sure your gutters are clear and you have some ‘sloping’ away from the house and your downspouts are carrying water at least 3′ from the home. Other than that, maybe someone else can say more.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J