Robert k

It seems everyone has a diferent solution for each problem. I too had mice problems last year. Shortly after settling into a house that I bought the cold weather came upon us and I found out that some unwanted visitors had moved in. To start with I bought some glue traps and placed them around where the little critters seemed to be going most. I then had a professional exterminator come in who surveyed my house. He found some area where they seemed to be getting in. The garage door was the biggest problem. It had been slightly off track and it left enough space for them to enter my home. The exterminator put poison packets around the house – from the basement to the attic, where ever he found droppings. (be careful of small children or pets). I replaced the garage door to seal up the opening. ( I needed it done anyway it just happened a bit sooner than I planned). Finally some friends and coworkers told me about a product they saw on QVC called Riddex. It is one of those devices that you plug into a wall and it supposedly sends out some sort of signal that annoys the buggers so thay want to move onto the a neighbors house. I bought two and they seem to have worked. I can’t swear by them but I have not seen a mouse in the house since. Basically I would say seal up any places where they might get in and don’t leave anything foods around where they can find a feast and decide to stay. Make it as unwelcome for them as possible!!!!! Good luck…….