I have a Lawn Boy self propelled that I purchased new 21 years ago. Because it is a 2 stroke I never have to change oil. I just put a can of Lawn Boy oil in my 2 gal. gasoline can when the can is empty, then fill the can with gasoline. Mine is the cast aluminum deck, which is light weight and stiff and has a clippings bag.

My two boys mowed our lawn and other lawns and they love it. The boys have used other other lawn mowers but prefer the lawn boy. It starts the first pull, it is light than many other brands.

Over the years I have repaired it myself. Rebuilt the carburator(3 parts). Sharpen the blade(vise & bastard file). Replaced the magneto(I forgot the part name). Replaced the rope. Two new spark plugs(they last a long time).

Lawn Boys are quieter than other brands.