John Boy


That seepage pit for the kitchen sink drain would be a good breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects and great smelling to. The seller had this house for 4 years and said nothing. Wow.

You do have a municipal sewer system so why wasn’t this kitchen drain hooked-up to the that system also? Ask that question to the home inspection outfit you hired. Why didn’t the homeowners say something? Sounds like a defect and a cover-up.

I would present the $1000 plumbing remodelling bill to the previous homeowner or the home inspector or both.

Have the local plumbing authority look at the situation, perhaps there is more wrong with your home.

On the other hand maybe you should get more inspectors like gas and electrical to look over your dwelling also. Could be other defects.

Give the previous owner and or inspector a deadline to come up with the money. Go see a lawyer.

John Boy