Andrea Lombard

A friend called inquiry whether gases from insulation could make drywall (painted) swell and bend on a sunny day. Her 8 year old daughter is in this room and since they have taken her bed out of the room, many of her illness symptoms have disappeared. The insulation was blown in sometime in the ’70’s. She does not know what kind of insulation, but suspects it may have a formeldehyde base. In an attempt to contain the accompanying odor, they have covered the wall with plasic. On a sunny day, the plastic bows about 2 inches out from the wall. I would imagine that as air heats up, some expansion would occur, but two inches seems quite strange to me. In addition, the gases have as I mentioned in the begining, permanently bowed the wall. When there is no sun, there does not seem to be a noticeable odor.
Do you have any thoughts about this?