Code issues are the key here and will require you to check with the permit authority. Requirments for installation vary considerably, and in some areas, installation of wood burning devices are restricted to EPA rated (Phase II) burning devices. IMO wood stoves are one case where new is better. Newer stoves are more fuel-efficient and burn cleaner. The firebox is well insulated and heat is transmitted through a safer double shell design rather than direct radiation.

Back to your original point, codes will dictate the clearances to combustible walls, requirements for fireproof walls and floors and flue design. Since the possible variations with your install are infinite, we really can’t give better advice than to start with your permit authority to determine plan requirements. The weights of the stove and fireproofing surfaces can be considerable (adds to dead load for permanent installation) and you may need to engineer the floor support. Aside from that, have you considered how you are going to move this thing?