** [Kenmore electric range] Model # 790.95662100. The little red lights on the control panel do not light up when the electric elements are turned on **

None of them?

Did they all stop at the same time???

** The owner’s manual does not address how to change bulbs in this model. **

The “bulbs” only come already installed in a housing (see the following link). The control panel would usually have to be opened to change them.

– Kenmore 790.95662100 Surface Element Indicator Light
LINK > http://www.appliance411.com/data.php?rc=494543

BTW. It would be VERY unusual for more than one to have failed at the same time. If they did all stop working at the same time, I can only think it more likely to be caused by a problem in the range’s wiring than in the lights themselves.


Dan O.
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