3-thousandths of an inch! We are talking nano movement here, but I commend your ability to track it. Sounds like the engineer has already been informed. If you are experiencing a lot of rain or extended dry weather and the soils tend to shrink/swell, your problem is going to be solved by dealing with the backfill on the foundation. Most likely you have a hydraulic pressure increase that has cracked the block and moved the wall. This can be relieved by using proper backfill to convey water to the tiles on the foundation. So, my vote is for either a soils engineer or a dig-in-the-mud contractor who can get the job done.

I am just speculating. I’m in California and havn’t seen a drop of rain since early May. But I’ve heard its wet in some places. Also, you can probably count on one hand the number of places with block wall foundations out here, so I’m relying on memories of my midwestern days.