My wife did a similar thing to our Daughters new stove. The glass lid slid off of the frying pan. (only dropped 2 inches) Not only did it put a chip in the edge of the ceramic top, but the top also has spider web cracks in it. It is a Whirlpool which I believe also makes the Sears Kenmore brand.

Anyway, after arguing with Whirlpool for some time, they claim it is our fault for letting something “drop” onto the top. I maintain that a cover sliding off of a frying pan is part of normal use, and shouldn’t have cracked the stove top. The bottom line is to replace the top is going to cost $380 FOR THE TOP ONLY. Highway robbery in my opinion.

I don’t know of any fix for the chip. Perhaps if the chip is not directly over a burner, it could be filled in with a high temperature epoxy. I would give a call to the local Kenmore repair guy to see if it can be fixed.

Good Luck!