I bought and installed about 700 sq ft of DriCore from Home Depot in the ground floor of my raised ranch. DriCore is an excellent product, and sounds very similar to the Supra Floor.

It was very easy to install, but you will need a table saw to cut down pieces as needed. I would highly suggest getting the “floor leveler” tiles, they are little pieces of the plastic underside that are placed under sections where the concrete dips. A 4-ft level will also help a lot.

I paid about $1.25 per sq ft. The cost was well worth it for resilient floors. It warms the basement up, and it feels like a regular floor on a house, not a refinished basement.

The quality of the finished product depends greatly on the quality of your concrete floor, how it was poured and finished. My concrete floor was in excellent shape, although I still had to use about 50 pieces of the floor levelers.

If you have a lot of slop, swales, or high spots, it will be more difficult. You would not be able to use this system on some older concrete jobs, like my last home I owned which was built in the 1950’s. There was close to a two-inch difference from area to area, especially in the corners and near posts.

The only thing I would do differently if I had to do it over again, is I would look for a product just a bit thicker. I felt that the DriCore was just a bit less thick than I would have liked. The plywood is just over 1/2-inch thick. I would have liked 3/4-inch.