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Gwangsoo Kim

I am a owner of craftman’s garage door opener. Most time I used remote control unit. Lately I would like to change my keycode number of keyless entry. But I could not find how to adjust the keyless entry on owner’s manual. I called several places to ask how to adjust the keyless entry. But service department told me I have to request the service officially. And they will charge for service.

I believe that sears has some system to give technical help for simple operation.

My garage door keyless entry’ model number is 53645.

Please somebody explain how to use and change the key number of keyless entry.

They also told me that most explanation is on web site. But I could not find at all.

Please somebody explain to me.

I have used so many sears products, but I have a feel that it ‘s getting very difficult to have better service that I used to have.

Thank you.