Unregistered-John Boy


Check if the inlet shut-off valve for the hot water heater is open all the way. Since all the hot water presure is effected to all of the fixtures. I would say you have hard water an the outlet (hot) on top of the water heater is partly plugged off.

Turn off the inlet valve to the water heater, open a hot water faucet to make sure pressure is removed. Now if there is a union on top of the hot water outlet (hot) side, break (loosen) it.

If no union you will have to cut the pipe on the hot water outlet side (hot). Use a hammer and a small punch (or masonry drill)that will fit inside the hot water pipe & ream the blockage out.

Now you will have to install a union into the water line. You could use a copper x copper union (if you can solder) or if you
got the room, you could purchase a union that could slip onto the copper or plastic pipe and be tighten with pliers or small pipe wrenches.

I have seen alot of water heaters that sediment plugs off the water heater at the hot outlet side of the heater. You could fix this problem with a water softener.

Do a water test first for proper sizing of water treatment equipment.

John Boy