then homes suck, who wants to live in a round house, there is so much wasted space, they dont make round furniture and who wants to stoop over every time they walk near the walls

where do you hang pictures?

there a fad that wore off many years ago(about 3 months after thery were invented

its like going to a disco and asking them to play frank zappa songs, no one is interested, you wont see bob or any main stream media spending any time on these dinosaures

your not one of them hippeis or anit-globalazation people are you? democrat? or a ralph nader-oid?

my crazy half cousin is a dreadlocked white boy that is into this stuff, all sorts of conspiracies, telsa coils and what not, charcoal foundries and prozac, ufo’s, area 51,

he stole a truck load of 3/4 inch plywood from home deopt parking lot and cut it up into ocatogns and it has been sittin for 8 yerrs now, stacked up next to his mothers garage with weeds growing around it. what a waste of good stolen plywood

when his drug induced buzz wore off , he lost intrest in his dome home

now the wood is all warped and rotted, there it sits, he foloows the greatful dead this last summer on tour and is a general waste of a person, just like these homes are