a long handled floor scraper is a 30-50 dollar tool that could also be rented by the day from rental center. is very heavy and has special blade and the weight and blade work to just pop the old stuff off while you stand up and work the tool

makes quick work of removing floor coverings

now the glue may be another story. you may need chemicals like some thing from the peel-away line found at http://www.dumondchemicals.com/html/products.htm

a note, to be safe if this floorcovering is pre- 1978 installation, it may be abestos laced, in that case i recomend either encapulelating it or contracting a abestros removal company as you dont contaminate your home. mostly its the 9 inch by 9 inch tiles that are abestos but anything pre 78′ should be suspect

good luck,

let us know how it works out