Hi Mountainrose, It not that hard to repair you own drywall. I am a diy mother with three kids and if I can do it, I know you can.

Cracks and loose tape joints are repaired similarly. In both cases you should use mesh tape to cover the crack or joint. This will reinforce the drywall compound and decrease the likelihood of the problem recurring.

Before applying the mesh tape to a “loose tape joint”, use a utility knife to carve out the loose material and old tape. Create a slight indentation in the work area to allow the new mesh tape and drywall compound to finish flush with the existing wall.

After you have applied mesh tape over the crack or joint, apply drywall compound. Using several light coats of drywall compound to cover the mesh tape. Build up a smooth, flush surface, allowing each coat to dry completely. Sand the final coat.

Let me know how you go, regards Noelene