** Kenmore washer and dryer. I would like to know where i could find a manual. **

The only place you’re likely to get manuals for Kenmore appliances is from Sears as it is there exclusive brand. Sears has no download service for their manuals that I’m aware of so you’ll likely have to order a paper copy… for a fee (ie. not free!).

** its Model # 77550200 **

The full model number appears to be 110.77550200 making it a Whirlpool built GAS dryer.

** I’m having a problem with the dryer, it will not get hot. **

Are you sure the gas to the dryer is turned on?

Even if you got a replacement owner’s manual for it, they do not usually contain much in the way of repair information except the very simplest things like “is the gas turned on”. If you want to purchase a *service manual* for your dryer, the one at the following link should cover the basics as your model was made for Sears by Whirlpool.

– Whirlpool – Kenmore Gas/Electric Dryer Repair Manual
LINK > http://www.appliance411.com/data.php?rc=1170641


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