Get a new one. The newer ones are so much quieter, faster when opening and better looking (if your worried about that). You probably have a chain drive set up now. the newer ones have a couple different options: belt, screw and chain. The belt is really nice if you have rooms above your garage because they are very quiet. The screw drive, which needs to be lubed every so often, is good if your worried about a chain or belt snapping (which rarely happens) they are also fairly quiet and the chain drive, well you know all about the chain drive. Truthfully, I wouldn’t spend the money on a 15 year old opener. The newer openers have sensors to keep the door from closing if something is under the door and have the ability to sense pressure so if you or the Mrs/Mr. didn’t pull the car or truck all the way in you won’t be replacing car parts or a new garage door. Visit Lowes, The Home Depot or Sears they can help you suit your needs.