An easy way to make a mirror instead of using silver nitrate is to paint the back of the glass black. Which I think would look stunning with your glass trimmed in brass.

1. Buy a can of black high gloss spray enamel paint. Read the label and make sure it is good for glass.

2.Clean your glass with a good glass cleaner. and let it dry for several hours.

3. Place the clean glass on a large piece of newspaper, being careful to handle it by the edges so as not to get finger oil on the

4. Spray paint the glass using quick even light passes back and forth until the glass is covered completely. Be carfull not allow the paint to run.

5. If you do the painting outdoors, be sure it is a sunny windless day. You do not want the paper or other debris to blow onto the wet paint.

6. Apply a second coat if necessary, but for the best effect it is best to do this in one coat. The mirror effect will be flawless that way.

Regards from Noelene