** I’ve left the water on for a few minutes and nothing seems to be going through the hose connector. I’ve pressed the red button… **

Did water come out the bottom of the tap connector while you has it pressed? The exact water pressure from the tap should go right through it in such an instance.

** the manual to use a grounded three prong outlet and not to use an adapter or it will cause fires, hazards; but, i don’t have a three prong output and am wondering if that’s the problem **

Just no having a ground will not stop a dishwasher from working but using such an appliance like that is a *REAL* electrical shock hazard. I hope no one in your household gets seriously injured (or worse). Water and electricity don’t mix!

** Kenmore Portable dishwasher, model #17439 **

BTW. That is not the true model number but some kind of stock number. The only reliable place to find the model number is on the appliance’s model and serial number tag. You can find tips for locating that identification tag on your appliances in the ‘Repair Parts’ section of my site linked below.

Dan O.
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