you can dig yours out deeper and ad some large fill rocks to help to keep sides from colapse

they do fo down 3 feet or so, but are often neglected and fill with leaves, debris. makeing them ineffective…so dig down and use the diggins to slope around home

you can add a drain pipe to a drywell or leach field to your wells

there are probally others that will add suggestions

are your gutters clean and directed away from home? reason i ask is if there full of debris the runoff will spill over along house instead of draining out the leaders and away from your window wells. gutters are a big part of getting water away from window wells and foundation and are often overlooked

you could also just order a few yards of top soil and slope 3 or 4 feet from foundation, this although not getting rid of the water will at least get it away from house and window wells

in other words, you dont have to slope your whjole property, just the area of foundation/window wells….should help alot