I built a home in 1996 for my family and I in the Denver area. Unfortunately I bought into SNE/Vetter’s marketing tag lines such as “Craftsmanship isn’t just a word at Vetter. It’s a tradition”, “Crafted from 100 years of excellence” and my favorite “Unforgettable”; and, I purchased and installed Vetter casement aluminum clad wood windows in my home. The only one of these slogans that is true is the “Unforgettable” one. Soon after we moved in the house we noticed the windows make a loud popping sound when there is a drop in the temperature outside, which is common here in Denver. Some of these popping sounds were as loud as a gun-shot. When a cold front comes through the area it is not unusual to hear hundreds of popping sounds during the night. It was, and still is so bad that it will wake me, my wife and my two young children in the middle of the night. The popping is caused by the differential expansion and contraction of the aluminum on the wood window. After years of dealing with SNE/Vetter’s delay tactics, stalling, and their reprehensible conduct regarding their customer service we filed a lawsuit. After a few more years of depositions, trial and lawyering we won our lawsuit against SNE/Vetter in April of 2004. And, in keeping with the SNE/Vetter approach to customer service they have appealed the judgement. I would be happy to send anyone a copy of the “Amended Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law” and the “Amended Entry of Judgement” Send me an email if there is anything I can do help. RCB@CDC-Denver.com