With a suitable replacement 4 wire switch, you may (as I did) replace wire-for-wire (by physical location). The result was 3 off positions and one low speed. Not what I expected.

Look at the back of both switches. Chances are the location ID’s are different. My Zing Ear (original) had:
1 @ 10 o’clock
2 @ 8 o’clock
3 @ 2 o’clock
L @ 4 o’clock

The new switch reversed the positions of 3 & L. (Where L is line-in).

Simply mark down the wire colors according to the original markings (1,2,3 & L), and insert them into the appropriate markings in the new switch.

I didn’t pay any attention to the 1,2,3 & L markers the first time, just the location.
Works great now.
Hope this helps.