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S. Davis

Help! Having numerous intermittent problems with my Comfortmaker Gas Furnace. The heating and a/c company that I use for maintenance and repair is confused about what is wrong. The gas furnace is in the attic. The washer and dryer are in the hallway below it. You can hear the furnace turn on. You can also hear when it flames up, but when the blowers go to kick on….they don’t. And then the cycle tries again and again until it just stops. After waiting for a while sometimes, it will work fine, and then again sometimes not. Usually if I turn off the thermostat and then manually turn the fan on and then off…and then turn the thermostat back on…the furnace will start to work ok??? The repair people have continuously cleaned the flame sensor each time. They have also replaced the control board serial # 50A50-112, replaced pressure switch, and the hot surface ignitor. The control board was replaced approximately two years ago and now they just replaced it again hoping it would fix the problem, but no….

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help!

Thank you!