bob bronson

Whirlpool clothes washer

Model LHA5800W1

S/N CO 1436595

The washer will sometimes go into the spin cycle to dry spin the clothes and sometimes not. In looking at the mechanism that I think controls this, I think one of the solenoids is not function correctly. This solenoid has the wiring for the safety switch in the lid which shuts the spin cycle off when the lid is opened. I have checked the switch for continuity and it is OK.

I can make the spin cycle work by forcing the guide up into the solenoid putting the guide in the operating groove. This puts the washer into the operating mode for the spin cycle. These guides and solenoids are the ones that shut off the washer when there is an overload . The spin cycle will work until the lid is opened and then the guide drops into the shut off groove. When the lid is closed, the solenoid will not pull the guide back up into the operating groove which puts the washer back into the operating mode for the spin cycle.

Please let me know your opinion about this malfunction.