Since you have access to the attic, repair should be fairly easy, just don’t step through the ceiling again. Buy or obtain a small scrap of drywall (Often, you can get a broken sheet of drywall for free), a small container of premixed drywall compound, some drywall tape (fiberglass mesh) and some glue like liquid nails. Also, look in the paint department for a can of spray texture by Homax (it comes in orange peel, knockdown and acoustic). .

Square off the hole and cut one patch to fit in the hole and cut a larger piece about 14 x 14. Glue the large piece over the hole from the attic, then glue the patch to the piece covering the hole. Tape the seams and sand the patch smooth. Finally spray apply the texture to match.

Chances are, you can have a competent handyman do the patch job for well under $100 if you do your own painting when complete.