John McElwee

Drywall joint compound usually has enough adhesion to bond to what is there. Do make sure it is clean and free of grease, dust and the like. Make sure all the paint is well bonded because what you put on is only bonded as well as the paint. A bonding agent like PlasterWeld by Larsen’s Products or others might be a good idea. i lke setting type joint compounds like EasySand by USG because you can put on multiple coats in a single day. If you do this don’t try to sand until it is dry but you can put on another coat as soon as the previous coat has set (become hard). The better you lay it down the less sanding there will be. An alternative is to have a plasterer put on a new smooth finish. He would probabaly use the bonding agent but would use plaster that will lay down flatter and smoother and take no sanding.