I did a few years recently @ ACE in my 30’s. Now, in my 40’s, I didn’t realize what “fraud” was being perpetrated onto the public until I worked behind a retail counter. One ex.is were 1)the AMERITECH phone bill payment “Center” @ the Customer Service Desk. People were still coming in to pay bills and the recurring lease charge on their Princess phone over the last 20 years. They should have OWNED it by now! Automated debits changed all that now. But today, I look at window AC’s performing on a shelf @ BEST BUY and they’re soaking the shelf.
WHY isn’t there a “gill-slit” cut appropiately in the lowest stamped-out base to drain excess water off???? Since I implemented this change to my cheap Emerson window AC, the drips drain & go right out the window. My problem was the AC unit filled its drip pan then “dripped” it all back into the house soaking the carpet! Now, with a gill-slit cut into the bottom, far enough away from the compressor mounts, water DOESN’T accumulate in the unit causing drag on the squirrel-cage fan sloshing water about. Also, the “ears” Right/Left on the unit which slide-out to close the window gap need to be canted on the top a few degree’s toward the house (NOT PERPINDICULAR) so the AC unit can “tilt” downward to facilitate drip-tray draining OUTSIDE not INTO the house! We should make a TV SHOW about this!
My AC unit doesn’t “gurgle” any more straining the motor to spin in a pool of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!