I don’t know if you are in alaska or hawaii, frostbite falls or key west, new york or los angeles, but you really need to assess the whole house for moisture and humidity problems.

If it is bad enough, the condo association should take action. What do they want, a moldy rotting house or a moldy rotting attic?

Best and easiest would be to vent to the roof using a standard roof vent which are easy to install in existing shingles. Use an insulated hose in the attic and seal around the vent opening to avoid moisture getting onto your ceiling and causing your ceiling (popcorn, texture, etc.) to come loose from the drywall.

If you vent to the attic and there is excess moisture and the attic is shared with others, then it may show up by dripping onto ceiling insulation and drywall and eventually ruining the drywall and then the condo association will take notice. And as Steve said, if the attic is vented properly, then in dry areas it shouldn’t be a problem except that after time the attic will be coated with a layer of dust pulled out of the house by the fan.